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The TESS Asteroseismic Science Operations Center (TASOC) provides asteroseismological data from the NASA TESS mission to astronomers who are members of the TESS Asteroseismic Science Consortium (TASC). It is also the platform used to facilitate the international collaborations within TASC.

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4th Apr 2023: TASC GI Cycle 6 Coordination

The TESS Guest Investigator (GI) office is soliciting proposals for the second year of the second extended mission. Like in the first extended mission TASC does not have reserved 2-minute and 20-second cadence targets, and hence GI proposals from TASC are important to ensure the selection of targets for asteroseismology. More information on the GI program (including a proposal template) can be found here.

The proposal deadline for Cycle 6 is Friday, April 14 2023, at 4:30pm US Eastern Time.

Similar to previous cycles, we set up a GI coordination page on the TASOC Wiki to coordinate the submission of TASC GI proposals:

If you are planning to submit a GI proposal and would like to coordinate, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Add your proposal information on the Cycle 6 GI coordination page (https://tasoc.dk/gi/Cycle6)
  2. Submit your target lists on the TASC Cycle 6 Proposal Submission Page. Note that 2-min and 20-sec target lists need to be submitted separately.

If you have any questions or need help with putting together TASC GI proposals please don’t hesitate to contact the co-chairs of the TASC GI Coordinated Activity (Dan Huber and Marc Pinsonneault).

16th Mar 2023: T'DA11 Announcement

The TESS Data for Asteroseismology (T'DA) workshop series focused on developing a TESS pipeline optimized for asteroseismology by bringing together people from across TASC to brainstorm, compare, and implement ideas for data preparation.

We would like to restart the T'DA workshop series with T'DA 11, at Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary from 24-26 May. Remote participation will be available, but we encourage in-person attendance when possible.

Read more here

16th Aug 2022: Materials from the TASC6/KASC13 in Leuven

Materials from the TASC6/KASC13 workshop in Leuven, have been made available on TASOC. This includes all recordings, slides, posters and photos from the conference.

If you have any other material from the meeting that you would like to add to the page, please contact the TASOC administrator.

Thank you all for a very nice meeting, and hope to see you again next year in Hawai'i!


28th Nov 2023: TESS Weekly Bulletin: Nov 28th

Welcome TESS followers to our latest news bulletin!

This week, we are looking at three recent papers from the archive. Enjoy!

Rapid Optical Flares in the Blazar OJ 287 on Intraday Timescales with TESS (Kishore et al. 2023) :

Radio loud Aactive Ggalactic Nnuclei (AGN) exhibit multiwavelength variability spanning a wide …

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30th Oct 2023: TESS Special Bulletin: Oct 30th

The TESS Science Support Center would like to draw your attention to the following events being hosted by the team at AAS 243.

  • NASA's TESS Mission Interactive Data Workshop: Saturday, January 6, 2024, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Science from the TESS Extended Mission Splinter Session: Tuesday, January 9 …

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25th Oct 2023: TESS Weekly Bulletin: Oct 25th

Welcome TESS followers to our latest news bulletin!

This week, we are looking at three recent papers from the archive. Enjoy!

101 Eclipsing Quadruple Star Candidates Discovered in TESS Full Frame Images (Kostov et al. 2023) :

Multiple stellar systems represent a natural outcome of stellar formation and evolution, come in …

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