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The TESS Asteroseismic Science Operations Center (TASOC) provides asteroseismological data from the NASA TESS mission to astronomers who are members of the TESS Asteroseismic Science Consortium (TASC). It is also the platform used to facilitate the international collaborations within TASC.

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15th Jun 2020: Reprocessed TESS data for sectors 1-19

As you may have read in the news from the TESS Science Support Center, the TESS data from sectors 1-19 are going to be reprocessed and updated in the coming months. This will mean that as data is re-released, they will no longer be available on the MAST archive.
But fear not! On the TASOC archive, we will make sure that all previous versions of data will always be available, so you can always reproduce your TESS results.
See more here:

10th Jun 2020: Scheduled maintenance today, 13:00-16:00 CEST

We are doing some scheduled maintenance of our systems this afternoon, so data downloads will not be available for some time during that period.

29th May 2020: Did you miss an online event? Watch the recording!

We have now made it possible to watch recordings of online seminars and conferences (if they were recorded) under "Online Events".
Go see the very interesting seminar given by Tim Bedding on delta Scuti stars here:
If you have recordings of other online events that you would like to either host at TASOC or link to, please feel free to contact TASOC.


13th Nov 2020: TESS Weekly Bulletin: November 13th

STATUS UPDATE: New FFI light curves have been created and are now available on MAST!

Welcome TESS followers to our weekly news bulletin. This week we have four papers from the archive, two of which highlighting a new data product available on MAST!

A search for variable subdwarf B stars …

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5th Nov 2020: TESS Weekly Bulletin: November 5th

Welcome TESS followers to our weekly news bulletin. This week we have three papers from the archive, enjoy!

Keeping up with the cool stars: One TESS year in the life of AB Doradus (Ioannidis et. al., 2020):

In this paper the authors use TESS to study the photospheric activity of …

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30th Oct 2020: TESS Weekly Bulletin: October 30th

STATUS UPDATE: The Cycle 4 solicitation is now available on NSPIRES. The Phase-1 deadline is January 22nd 2021

Welcome TESS followers to a special Halloween edition of the TESS news bulletin! This week we have three papers from the archive in addition to a new spooky feature!.

With Halloween this …

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