TASC Target Lists

Latest update: Version 4, 26th October 2017.

Below you can find the prioritized TASC target lists, which is the list of stars which TASC will suggest for observation by TESS. The list has been merged from proposals from the different TASC working groups. The details of how the final target selection was done and the resulting combined TASC target lists can be found below:

Below you will find the proposals and target lists for each TASC working group. We have also included the target list from the TESS main mission (called the CTL).

WG-0: TESS timing verification

WG-1+2+7: Solar-like Oscillators, Exoplanet Host Stars and Red Giants

WG-3: Asteroseismology of Cluster stars

WG-4: Main Sequence AF classical oscillators

WG-5: Main Sequence OB classical pulsators

WG-6: RR Lyrae

WG-8: Compact pulsators

TESS Candidate Target List (CTL-5)

The TESS Candidate Target Lists is compiled by the TESS Target Selection Working Group. We include the top 200,000 targets here to easily compare the target list.