29th May 2020: Did you miss an online event? Watch the recording!

We have now made it possible to watch recordings of online seminars and conferences (if they were recorded) under "Online Events".
Go see the very interesting seminar given by Tim Bedding on delta Scuti stars here:
If you have recordings of other online events that you would like to either host at TASOC or link to, please feel free to contact TASOC.

25th May 2020: Online Events on TASOC

We are happy to announce that we have created a new "Online Events" system on the TASOC website where you all can make your fellow TASC collaborators aware of your online events (seminars, workshops, meetings, etc.). A short list of upcoming events will be visible on the front page (after login), and a full list of future events, with full details, will also be available on the website.

We have also created a corresponding online calendar that you can subscribe to. Simply include it in your calendar system (e.g. Outlook, Office365, iCal, Google Calendar) and the calendar will be automatically updated with new interesting online events. Details can be found under "Online Events".

6th May 2020: Sectors 20 and 21 data have been updated

The TESS Sectors 20 and 21 data have been updated to a newer version following the discovery of some errors in the previously released data. This includes revisions to the time-stamps (of roughly 2s) and collateral pixel data. Please see the "memos", which are available under "Documentation and Help", for the details.

Both the new and old versions of the data are available on the TASOC website, and the older version can be found by going to the "Data Search" and unchecking the "Only return files from newest data releases" box under the "Files" tab.

Sectors 1-19 will also be re-released during the coming time, and these will also be made available in TASOC as soon as possible.