30th Mar 2019: Data download packaging temporaily put on hold

Due to some unforeseen problems with our IT systems, the packaging of ordered downloads from TASOC are currently put on hold, and will likely not be up again until after the weekend. Any downloads that you order, will therefore not be ready until that time.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

6th Mar 2019: Plots now available in Data Search

You can now select to have a plot shown of each indiviual lightcurve in the data archive, by clicking on the "Plot" icon in the results table under "Data Search". This makes it even easier to do a quick look on the data without having to download the files first.

1st Mar 2019: Fourth release of TESS Data for Asteroseismology

We are pleased to announce the fourth release of TESS data for asteroseismology from the TASC Coordinated Activity T'DA.

For this release raw photometry is provided based on Full Frame Image (FFI; 30-min) and Target Pixel File (TPF; 2-min) data from TESS Sectors 1+2. All data is accessible via the "Data Search" interface. In total 1,733,576 light curves are provided with this release.

Please note that no corrections have been applied to the light curves. We are working hard on the implementation of the co-trending component of the T'DA pipeline, but release raw photometry now to allow the community to have a first look at the full data sets.

Please read the full data release notes for more details. To optimize the photometry pipeline we are very interested in knowing of any issues or shortcomings you find. Therefore, if you have any comments or questions regarding the processed data, please let us know.

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