11th Sep 2018: What did TESS actually observe in S1 and S2?

For your convenience we have added the lists of targets that were actually observed by TESS during sectors 1 and 2 on the "TASC Target Lists" page. We will also cross-check these lists against the TASC target lists to easily find out which of your proposed targets were observed in each sector.

21st Aug 2018: TASC4/KASC11 Conference Material

The slides, posters and photos from the TASC4/KASC11 conference in Aarhus, Denmark has now been made available on KASOC and TASOC. If you have any other material, like good photos you took during the conference, feel free to e-mail them to us and we can include it on the page.

8th Jun 2018: Wondering what the TIC is for your favorite target?

Then we have made it easy for you to find out. Just go to the "Star Catalog" and put in the name of your favorite target, and voila!
The Star Catalog will automatically cross-match the name you enter with TIC and SIMBAD and should give you all the information about your target in the blink of an eye.
Give it a try!

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