28th May 2019: TIC-8 is ready

The new version of the TESS Input Catalog (TIC-8) has been made available on the MAST website. We have started the process of incorporating the new TIC into the TASOC systems and will be updating the TIC- and data-search to include the updated information, as well as the TASC target lists. More information will be provided later on.

2nd Apr 2019: Bundles are here

Do you want to get a hold of all the lightcurves that are produced at TASOC? Well, it is now much easier!
Simply go to the "Bundles" tab at the top of the page and you will find scripts for bulk-download of thousands of lightcurves in one go... Enjoy the easier access to large amounts of data, but remember to read the data release notes before diving in too deep.

30th Mar 2019: Data download packaging temporaily put on hold

Due to some unforeseen problems with our IT systems, the packaging of ordered downloads from TASOC are currently put on hold, and will likely not be up again until after the weekend. Any downloads that you order, will therefore not be ready until that time.
We apologize for the inconvenience.