command line utility

Command-line utility to run TESS photometry from command-line.


To run a random star from the TODO list:

>>> python --random


To run a specific star, you can provide the TIC-identifier:

>>> python --starid=182092046


You can be very specific in the photometry methods and input to use. The following example runs PSF photometry on Target Pixel Files (tpf) of TIC 182092046, and produces plots in the output directory as well.

>>> python --source=tpf --method=psf --plot --starid=182092046


run_tessphot is only meant for small tests and running single stars. For large scale calculation with many stars, you should use m:py:func:mpi_scheduler.

Code author: Rasmus Handberg <>

Command help

usage: [-h] [-d] [-q] [-o] [-p] [-t]
                       [-m {aperture,psf,linpsf,halo}] [--no-in-memory]
                       [--all] [-r] [--priority PRIORITY] [--starid STARID]
                       [--sector SECTOR] [--cadence {20,120,600,1800}]
                       [--camera {1,2,3,4}] [--ccd {1,2,3,4}]
                       [--datasource {ffi,tpf}] [--tmag_min TMAG_MIN]
                       [--tmag_max TMAG_MAX] --version VERSION
                       [--output [OUTPUT]]

Run TESS Photometry pipeline on single star.

positional arguments:
  input_folder          Directory to create catalog files in.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug           Print debug messages.
  -q, --quiet           Only report warnings and errors.
  -o, --overwrite       Overwrite existing results.
  -p, --plot            Save plots when running.
  -t, --test            Use test data and ignore TESSPHOT_INPUT environment
  -m {aperture,psf,linpsf,halo}, --method {aperture,psf,linpsf,halo}
                        Photometric method to use.
  --no-in-memory        Do not run TaskManager completely in-memory.
  --version VERSION     Data release number to store in output files.
  --output [OUTPUT]     Directory to put lightcurves into.

Filter which targets to run:
  --all                 Run all stars, one by one. Please consider using the
                        MPI program instead.
  -r, --random          Run on random target from TODO-list.
  --priority PRIORITY   Priority of target.
  --starid STARID       TIC identifier of target.
  --sector SECTOR       TESS Sector. Default is to run all Sectors.
  --cadence {20,120,600,1800}
                        Observing cadence. Default is to run all cadences.
  --camera {1,2,3,4}    TESS Camera. Default is to run all cameras.
  --ccd {1,2,3,4}       TESS CCD. Default is to run all CCDs.
  --datasource {ffi,tpf}
                        Data-source to load.
  --tmag_min TMAG_MIN   Lower/bright limit on Tmag.
  --tmag_max TMAG_MAX   Upper/faint limit on Tmag.