Photometric noise model (dataval.noise_model)

Noise model as a function of magnitude and position

Code author: Rasmus Handberg <>

dataval.noise_model.Pixinaperture(Tmag, cad=1800)[source]

Number of pixels in aperture as a function of Tmag

Code author: Mikkel N. Lund <>


RMS noise from Zodiacal background.

Code author: Mikkel N. Lund <>

dataval.noise_model.phot_noise(Tmag, timescale=3600, coord=None, sysnoise=60, Teff=5775, cadpix=1800)[source]

Photometric noise model in ppm/timescale.

  • Tmag (ndarray or float) – TESS magnitudes to calculate noise model for.

  • timescale (float) – Timescale of noise model in seconds. Defaults to 3600 (1 hour).

  • coord (SkyCoord or dict, optional) – Sky coordinate used for zodiacal noise. Defaults to RA=0, DEC=0.

  • sysnoise (float, optional) – Systematic noise contribution in ppm/hr. Defaults to 60.

  • Teff (float, optional) – Effective temperture. Defaults to 5775.

  • cadpix (TYPE, optional) – Cadence where images are taken. Choices are 1800 and 120. Defaults to 1800.


  • ndarray: Total noise model as a function of TESS magnitide.

  • ndarray: Individual noise components in 4 columns: Shot, Zodiacal, Read and Systematic.

Return type:



ValueError – On invalid coord input.

Code author: Mikkel N. Lund <>

Code author: Rasmus Handberg <>