command line utility

Create movie of FFIs and extracted backgrounds.

This program will create a MP4 movie file with an animation of the extracted backgrounds and flags from an HDF5 file created by the photometry pipeline.

This program requires the program FFmpeg to be installed.


To create a MP4 movie for a specific file, run the program with the HDF5 file as input:

>>> python path/to/file/sector01_camera1_ccd1.hdf5


If you wish to change the the frame-rate or the size of the generated movie, you can use the fps and dpi settings:

>>> python --fps=15 --dpi=100 file.hdf5


Multiple files can be processed at a time. Default behavior is to process them one at a time, but can also be processed in parallel by specifying the number of processes to run vis the --jobs option:

>>> python --jobs=2 file1.hdf5 file2.hdf5

If number of processes is set to zero (--jobs=0), the number of processes will be set to the number of available CPUs.

Code author: Rasmus Handberg <>

run_ffimovie.make_movie(hdf_file, fps=15, dpi=100, overwrite=False)[source]

Create animation of the contents of a HDF5 files produced by the photometry pipeline.

The function will create a MP4 movie file with the same name as the input file, placed in the same directory, containing the animation.

  • hdf_file (string) – Path to the HDF5 file to produce movie from.
  • fps (integer) – Frames per second of generated movie. Default=15.
  • dpi (integer) – DPI of the movie. Default=100.
  • overwrite (boolean) – Overwrite existing MP4 files? Default=False.

Code author: Rasmus Handberg <>