Star Catalog (photometry.catalog)

Create catalogs of stars in a given TESS observing sector.

Code author: Rasmus Handberg <>

photometry.catalog.catalog_sqlite_search_footprint(cursor, footprint, columns='*', constraints=None, buffer_size=5, pixel_scale=21.0)[source]

Query the SQLite catalog files for a specific footprint on sky.

This function ensures that edge-cases near the poles and around the RA=0 line are handled correctly.

  • cursor (sqlite3.Cursor object) – Cursor to catalog SQLite file.
  • footprint (ndarray) – 2D ndarray of RA and DEC coordinates of the corners of footprint.
  • columns (string) – Default is to return all columns.
  • constraints (string) – Additional constraints on the query in addition to the footprint.
  • buffer_size (float) – Buffer to add around stamp in pixels. Default=5.
  • pixel_scale (float) – Size of single pixel in arcsecs. Default=21.0 (TESS).

List of rows matching the query.

Return type:


Code author: Rasmus Handberg <>

photometry.catalog.make_catalog(sector, input_folder=None, cameras=None, ccds=None, coord_buffer=0.2, overwrite=False)[source]

Create catalogs of stars in a given TESS observing sector.

  • sector (integer) – TESS observing sector.
  • input_folder (string or None, optional) – Input folder to create catalog file in. If None, the input directory in the environment variable TESSPHOT_INPUT is used.
  • cameras (iterable or None, optional) – TESS cameras (1-4) to create catalogs for. If None all cameras are created.
  • ccds (iterable or None, optional) – TESS ccds (1-4) to create catalogs for. If None all ccds are created.
  • coord_buffer (float, optional) – Buffer in degrees around each CCD to include in catalogs. Default=0.1.
  • overwrite (boolean, optional) – Overwrite existing catalogs. Default=``False``.


This function requires the user to be connected to the TASOC network at Aarhus University. It connects to the TASOC database to get a complete list of all stars in the TESS Input Catalog (TIC), which is a very large table.

Raises:OSError – If settings could not be loaded from TASOC databases.

Code author: Rasmus Handberg <>