The TASOC Data Validation module license

This module provides the data-validation setup for the TESS Asteroseismic Science Operations Center (TASOC) pipeline.

The code is available through our GitHub organization ( and full documentation for this code can be found on

Installation instructions

  • Start by making sure that you have Git Large File Storage (LFS) installed. You can verify that is installed by running the command:

    >>> git lfs version
  • Go to the directory where you want the Python code to be installed and simply download it or clone it via git as:

    >>> git clone .
  • All dependencies can be installed using the following command. It is recommended to do this in a dedicated virtualenv or similar:

    >>> pip install -r requirements.txt

How to run tests

You can test your installation by going to the root directory where you cloned the repository and run the command:

>>> pytest

Running the data validation

Soon to come…

Command-line Utilities